Paracord cobra Bracelet

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Paracord cobra Bracelet 

                      MILSPEC550 is a small independent home based business, that is located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The business is owned and operated by Mark, who is having 35 years of experience and serving with the Australian Army. We established MILSPEC550 in March 2015.

                          The cobra knot bracelet was the first one people adopted. This design is used in other bracelet also by making crafts, such as macramé it is simple to make. It’s having lots of uses.

Supplies needed in cobra bracelet

          Paracord 550, two colours recommended, heat source to melt the cord (a lighter works is just fine),Something to cut the cord, a paracord bracelet jig.

            Other names for the cobra bracelets are: Solomon’s bar bracelet, Portuguese sinnet, square knot bracelet.

Paracord survival Bracelet

                                         MILSPEC550 only supplies high quality handmade products using genuine USA manufactured that is military specified 550 paracord, that we source all products via an Australian supplier. Our aim is to provide our customers with a high quality handmade product in a timely cost effect way.

                   Paracord is durable, holds a lot of weight and it was readily and cheaply available; this bracelet is often called as a Survival Bracelet. It is made with between eight and twenty feet of woven paracord.And this is used in various survival situations. Survival Life provides a information on emergency communication and other tips on preparation for survival planning.

               If you want something special products, These people can custom create items such as dog leads, dog and cat collars, the accessorised Survival bracelets, the keychains,the security lanyards, fashionable bracelets and belts etc.

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Paracord cobra Bracelet
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